With true wisdom comes humility

There is a story in my mind which I already tried to find several times in the internet, but could not find it. It is about being humble.

A buddhist master was on his way with three of his students. The students were discussing about who is the best of them. One said that he studied everything buddha has teached. The other said that he is practicing meditation for most of his life. And the last one said that he had done so much voluntary work in his life.

The master was listening to them, but did not say anything. After a while the master stopped on their way and pointed to an apple tree. He said: “Look at that tree! It is full of fruits and his branches are lean towards the ground.”. Then he pointed to a regular tree and said: “Look at that tree! It is nothing to offer but his branches have a upright rising form. A truly wise person is humble. But the one who got nothing to offer is full of pride.”.

It is ok to be proud and share your achievements and happiness about it with your friends and colleagues but if you have the constant need to show off all the time, treat people who are in a lower position than you with disrespect and point out that you are in a higher position then you still have a long way to go to truly wisdom.

Here you find the source of the main picture!

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