Why am I writing this blog

The history of my websites

People who know me, know that I had countless sites. It all started when I was in the seventh grade, I think. Actually I created the first site even before having internet but it was only a HTML site on my local computer. So in seventh grade I created a beepworld site. A lot of people would be ashamed for it (at least afterwards, I think). It was a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor site. Extremely simple. But at seventh grade I had no idea about real webspace and how to access them with ftp servers.

This site was pretty simple. It was more or less a copy and paste of other sites, because the editor was also able to copy links. So I copied and pasted, for example, the downloads or their links of other sites. I can also remember that my access password was 666666 LOL! Times have changed, today I’m working for Cisco Systems and I would like to specialise in security :D — and my password are nearly all randomly generated and managed by a password manager, and you will often need additionally 2-step authentication (like a security token or my mobile phone) to  login. So don’t worry about that ;)

I also had a site where I introduced myself and my friends and offered some links to some software solutions, because I always was the IT guy how helped other people out and it was easy to refer to a product on my site ;)

After that, I created countless other sites, most of which I cannot even remember.

One of my latest projects was an IT privacy site, where I tested products and gave tips to improve your IT security and privacy. Then I created a Youtube channel with some IT security videos.

No matter which project, I often started very motivated and then discontinued it after a while. To be honest, I don’t know what will happen with this blog. If it will end like the same, a few entries, maybe less than ten and then it may be over, I don’t know.

So how does it come to this blog?

I had the space and the domain for quite a long time and I do not know the initial idea of it anymore. I was even about to quit the webspace contract. Anyways, the people who know me, know as well that I quote, refer and repeat a lot of inspiring, philosophical, deep, touching and/or motivation texts, books, quotes or videos.

There were two people and one of them really mean a lot to me and they asked me why I’m not telling my own stories and truths, instead of repeating, quoting and referring.

Why do I not spoke my own stories and truths?

A lot of people told me that I’m inspiring and full of positive energy, which I’m spreading around. But I asked myself, “What have I achieved? Who am I, to tell my truths and stories?” I’m on my search myself. Maybe the last point makes me nobody or somebody, because I’m nobody who wrote any kind of history yet, but still tries to leave a trace.

And also I do not know if I’m a good author. Maybe my stories / point of views / horizon / wisdom / experiences  are good but maybe I cannot share them or not in a good way. I was also always afraid about typos and producing too many and people could blame me for that. But somehow I feel more comfortable to write in English, than in German. Anyways! Times have changed and technology moved forward. If you find a typo, just mark it (not only one letter please, because then that will be everything I see ;) ) and press enter.

Besides that I’m sharing here very personal information with the whole world, which makes me vulnerable and I tend to take things to my hard and think a lot about even what a stranger may write anonymously in the comments.

So, summed up, maybe nobody will like my posts, maybe I will quit very soon and maybe people will make fun of it. I took the decision (and this is maybe my first personal thought that I’m sharing with you ;) ) that if you are afraid of something, you should do it. Stop thinking of it, stop finding excuses, stop creating worst case scenarios, DO IT! In 8/10 cases I succeed and in the two cases I didn’t, the worst case was not even half worse then expected and I made some experiences :)

And last but not least: Paulo Coelho,one of my favorite authors, said once that he writes his books for himself and if they provide anybody else value, he is happy about it. So let’s see what value it provides for myself. At leas at the moment it gives me a very positive feeling :)

What’s the plan?

Well, it would not wonder me to write like 5 posts in the first, 3 posts in the second and then a long time no post and then quit it or write a last post but let’s see ;)

There are different categories for my posts: thoughts, quotes, videos, me and other (please write me if you have another good one word for “other” ;) ) I was going to explain what you may expect in each category, but I do not think that it is really necessary to do that :) On the front page you will find them all mixed up. Later when there are more posts, you will find links in the menus to filter them for their categories.

So, this is it. It is a good feeling to know that my friend Laura is already excited and waiting for me to publish my post :) Thank you for this motivation Laura :)

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