Sometimes success is the best revenge!

“The best revenge is massive success.” ― Frank Sinatra

How often does something happened that produced negative feelings, like disappointment, hate, and regret, to you, that you might even wished revenge?

Let me tell you there are even studies that prove that, in the long-term, revenge does not make you happy. Maybe you will even regret it afterwards. Anyway it would not make you a better than the person you are angry with.

I think I will dedicate an own article for talking about hate, regret and meditation. It is human to have such feelings, but feeling them too often and for too long, might hurt yourself in first place. Just think about how much energy you waste and what you could do with that energy instead! So, next time you are very angry for too long or too often, think about who does this effect the most and how you could spent your time better. What could you have achieved investing this energy in something positive?

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