Improve the security of your phone

Your 4-digit PIN is “easy” to guess

Most of us use a 4-digit PIN to secure our phones. What if somebody would try to guess the 4-digit PIN? Ain’t nobody got time for that? What if I tell you that there is a robot which will automatically try out all possible combinations?

Now some of you may say: But my phone will add a waiting time, after some failed tries of entering the PIN! Doesn’t matter! Even with brute-force protection (wait a certain amount of time after some failed tries of entering/guessing the PIN) it is possible to guess the PIN in about max. 20 hours! As far as I know Android and iPhones are both vulnerable the same way. At red hat 2013 (a hacker / security congress) a similar robot hacked the iPhone.

How you can protect yourself

On Android

  • Use a password / pattern to unlock your phone (click on the links to open a video tutorial!)

On iPhone

  • Use a password instead of a passcode (PIN) to unlock your phone
  • Set your phone to delete itself after 10 failed guesses (you should make regular backups over iTunes/iCloud of course!)

Because I could not find any video for activating the password and setting your phone to delete itself after 10 failed guesses, I quickly changed my iPhone language and made some screenshots.

Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode and deactivate “Simple Passcode”

iPhone disable simple passcode

Also activate the option “Erase Data” at the end of the Screen

iPhone erase security

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